CAC St-Lazare

Club Agilité Canin (CAC) St-Lazare
is the oldest agility club in Quebec. It was founded in 1992 by Irene Krebs, who became the first Quebec director for the Agility Association of Canada. Since its inception, CAC has been at the forefront of agility in Quebec. In 1994, we hosted the province's first agility trial under AAC rules and, in 2000, became the first club in Canada to earn CKC accreditation.
CAC St-Lazare continues to promote not only the well-being of dogs and their owners but also that of the citizenry in general by encouraging responsible dog ownership through fun recreational activities.
From the moment the ground thaws in the spring until it freezes up again in the fall, you will find us at the grounds with our dogs, either taking a class or maybe just practicing, but always having a lot of fun. Feel free to come and watch or join us. We are located right in the heart of downtown St-Lazare, QC on the Cooper’s Airport grounds off rue St. Angelique.

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