In Memoriam

Good-bye my Kassman

May 22, 2002 – March 27, 2012

Lesley Hutchins


July 12, 1995 - April 20, 2010

Sharon Gibbons

Gossamer Alicia AGX, MADC, MJDC, MTRDC, MSDC

September 18, 1994 - September 11, 2009

Precious little Alice, younger sister to Lacy and Kitty, They are still sadly missed and forever in my heart.

Diana Pierce

Jovan Bentley Tally Ho CD, AGN, CGN

February 13,1999 - July 26, 2009

A rare English Toy Spaniel who loved agility. My doggie soul mate - sweet and gentle.
Forever in my heart, little Bentley.

Barbara-Ann Eusanio

Cuesta Possumplace's Shooting Star CDX AGN VADC

March 27, 1996 - August 29th, 2008

Cuesta, my little social butterfly, your zest for life brought me great joy. You will live forever in my heart!

Susan Laidley

Emma Ch Kerrera Kind Caress CGN AGMX AGIWIS

June 1994 - February 2008

Pictured at 13-1/2 years old

Gill Shields

Becker Becker

August 2002 - May 2008

Tammy Gallacher

Lacy Gossamer Legacy AGMX Lacy MADC, MJDC, MSDC, MTRDC

April 8, 1993 - May 14, 2007

Lacy, a gentle unassuming little dog found joy and confidence in performing alone. She became a wonderful agility dog and we had great fun together.

Diana Pierce

CAN.AM.CH. Raregems Gaillard CD, AG.N, VADC

January 28, 1995 - February 22, 2007

Basil introduced me to agility when he was 7. We were certainly a very vocal team but we had fun together! Basil you were a character, a challenge and always a lot of fun. I'll miss you.

Lesley Hutchins

Ch. Gossamer Lucretia AGN, ADC

April 8, 1993 - January 31, 2007

My precocious little Kitty. At 8 1/2" she was small for agility but she enjoyed the sport almost as much as she loved her toys and her people.

Diana Pierce

Valley Valley AADC

December 10, 1990 – February 16, 2004

Valley, a Keeshond, was Sheena's ''sidekick'' on the CAC Demo Team and the ''muscle power'' in the ski-joring and family companion dog sledding. Upon Sheena's untimely death, Valley valiantly took over Sheena's role and spent an additional four years teaching winter activities. 

Irene Krebs

Floss Ch Kerrera Golden Charm CD


1987 - 2002

Floss did not start agility until she was over 6 years old and her agility career was finished when she underwent surgical repair of her ACL at 10 years of age.

Gill Shields

Claire Meridian's Heavenly Blue CDX, CGC


December 5, 1989 - October 12, 2001

Dear Claire, a lovely companion, and my first agility dog. She was the third sheltie in Canada and the first sheltie in Quebec to earn a MADC title. Always remembered.

Diana Pierce

Sheena  Sheena AADC

May 23, 1990 – July 20, 1999

Sheena, a Keeshond nicknamed ''Speedy Gonzales'' was the inspiration behind the founding of the CAC in 1992. Before cancer cut her career short, Sheena spent five summers promoting agility by leading the CAC Demo Team and winters introducing ski-joring and family companion dog sledding to Quebec. 

Irene Krebs

Folly Ch Kerrera Solitaire CD Award of Merit


1989 - 1999

Folly did not start agility until she had whelped her second litter. Dam of Ch Kerrera Kind Caress AGMX
(Emma ATChC CGC).

Gill Shields