Our Achievements

Titles - 2013



ADC - Agility Dog of Canada
SGDC - Starters Games Dog of Canada


Carolle Marchand and Kassandre - SGDC
Lorraine Daoust and Belle - ADC
Pat DeRonde and Lyric – SGDC
Boku Franz and Pudding – ADC, SGDC
Tammy Gallacher and Shine – ADC, SGDC
Gill Shields and Grace – ADC
Michael Spence and Luka – ADC, SGDC


AADC – Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
AGDC - Advanced Games Dog of Canada


Tammy Gallacher and Shine - AADC
Bev Hurst and Raven - AADC, AGDC
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Edgar the Great – AGDC, AADC
Debbie Wood and Ginger - AGDC, AADC


Tammy Gallacher and Keeper

Tammy Gallacher and Keeper




Mark Corwin and Mabel - Ex St Bronze
Nancy Corwin and Sophie – MADC
Lorraine Daoust and Oliver – ATChC, MGDC, ExJ Bronze
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Heidi – Gold Award of Merit
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Lord Elliott – MSDC, MJDC, MADC, ATChC
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Ariel Pursuit – ExSt Silver, Silver Award of Merit, EXJ Silver, EXT Bronze
Lynda Hollylee and Jade –MGDC, ATChC, Bronze Award of Merit, EXT Bronze, Versatility Bronze Award
Christine Lees and Drue – MADC
Christine Lees and Tara – MADC
Gill Shields and Grace – MGDC
Gill Shields and Myda –ExSt Gold, ExG Silver, Gold Award of Merit
Ian Vincent and Jaks – MSDC, MADC, MTRDC, MJDC
Brenda Wilson and Boone –MSDC, ExSt Bronze
Debbie Wood and Willow – MJDC, ATChC, ExSt Bronze, Bronze Award of Merit




Francoise Adam and Jake - AGNS
Phyllis Brown and Prowler - AGN
Wanda Brown and Jazz - AGN
Rosanne Chayer and Twosie - AGNJS
Boku Franz and Pudding - AGNJ
Gail Gordon and Ivy - AGNS
Lindsay Harvey and Macy - AGN
Evelyn Watson and Mindy - AGNS
Wanda Brown and Jazz - AGI
Rosanne Chayer and Twosie - AGIJS
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Edgar the Great - AGIJS
Lindsay Harvey and Marley - AGIJS
Gill Shields’s Grace with Maryse Godbout - AGI
Rosanne Chayer and Twosie - AGXJS
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Ariel Pursuit - AGXJV


Christine Lees and Tara

Christine Lees and Tara

Lesley Hutchins and Calli

Lesley Hutchins and Calli


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